Student Code of Conduct

721.2 Student Responsibilities, Rights & Freedoms

Student Responsibilities

Students shall be responsible for:

  1. Learning the substance of any course of study for which they are enrolled, participating in class activities and knowing the following rules and regulations governing the educational community.
  2. Following the lawful direction of college personnel including providing information and personal identification when requested.
  3. Respecting the teaching/learning environment by interacting with civility within the classroom and following safety guidelines.
  4. Respecting the rights of others and cooperating to ensure that such rights are protected.
  5. Exercising dissent in a responsible manner and within a framework compatible with the orderly resolution of differences.
  6. Maintaining honesty and integrity in all work (as outlined in the Academic Integrity policy), communication and interactions.
  7. Properly using college equipment, computers and facilities including timely return of loaned equipment/materials.
  8. Complying with all college policies and regulations, including those posted in special labs and classrooms.
  9. Complying with local, state and federal laws.
  10. Utilizing established procedures to influence change or challenge UCC policies and regulations.

Student Rights

Students shall have the right to:

  1. Be protected against improper academic evaluation. Students have protection through orderly procedures against unfair academic evaluation. Students’ grades will be based solely on academic achievement, unless otherwise specified by the instructor in writing at the first class meeting.
  2. Confidentiality of student records. Umpqua Community College will abide by federal and state regulations regarding the privacy of student records and comply with the law regarding access procedures.
  3. Due process in disciplinary proceedings. Students shall have the right to be notified of the charges, shall be afforded the opportunity to be heard and shall have the right to be assisted without prejudice by an advisor who may be an attorney.
  4. Reasonable accommodation. UCC is committed to providing opportunities to students with disabilities in order for them to have meaningful access to college programs and services.

Student Freedoms

Students shall be free to:

  1. Organize and join associations to promote their common interests subject to the formal requirements for recognition by the Associated Students of Umpqua Community College (ASUCC), the college’s Student Government, as a condition of institutional recognition.
  2. State any reasoned exception to information or views offered in any course of study and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion without it affecting their grade as long as the disagreement is not disruptive to the instructional process.
  3. Examine and discuss all questions of interest to them, and to express opinions publicly and privately. In accordance with the campus free speech policy, students shall be free to support causes by orderly means, in ways that do not disrupt the regular and essential operation of the institution or violate college policies or procedures.
  4. Participate in institutional governance. The Associated Students of Umpqua Community College (ASUCC) Student Council serves as the student government body and through this body, students are afforded the right to have student representation on selected UCC councils and committees.
  5. Engage in free and responsible discussion through student publications and student press, in conformance with local, state and federal laws and professional codes.

Students shall be free from:

  1. Unlawful discrimination. In order for Umpqua Community College to maintain a place of learning and work that is free of unlawful discrimination, it is the policy of Umpqua Community College and its Board, to provide equal educational and employment opportunities and to provide service benefits to all individuals without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or/and other status or characteristic protected by applicable state or federal law.
  2. Unlawful harassment. Umpqua Community College is committed to providing a learning and working environment free of harassment.
  3. Sexual harassment/sexual assault. Umpqua Community College is committed to providing all individuals with the opportunity to work and learn in an environment free from sexual harassment/sexual assault.