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October 15, 2015 - Health, Nursing and Science Building Construction Update.

With capital support from a State Matching Grant and the generosity of local supporters, Umpqua Community College embarked on an aggressive construction project to make the Bonnie J. Ford Health, Nursing and Science Building a reality.

The General Contractor, Andersen Construction Company, was selected last fall by the college administration and Board of Trustees to complete the 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art sciences building on the campus at UCC, designed in cooperation with Opsis Architecture of Portland.

The building will house programs, classrooms and offices for students in the sciences, dental careers and nursing. It will also be home to the Medical Legal Resolutions Center, a place where professionals can come together to resolve medical treatment issues which have traditionally been resolved through litigation.

Funding for this project was achieved through a State of Oregon construction grant of $8.5 million and the local match, bringing the total available allowance for this building to $17 million. In round numbers, this budget includes $14 million for construction $1.5 million for architectural services and $1.5 million to cover the owner's obligations for insurance, project management, equipment, furnishings, civil engineering, testing and contingency.

The college created a “community oversight committee” whose purpose is to monitor and report on progress of construction, participate in design-related decisions and the oversee expenditures of construction-related funds.

Construction on the building began in earnest after graduation, just this past June. The work will continue for the next 10 months, to be completed in time for fall classes in 2016.

Over the course of these last few months, all excavation, underground utilities work, slab-on-grade and the majority of the steel inner structure has been completed. Over the next 10 months we will see the two-story begin to take shape as we work toward the August 17 substantial completion date and our certificate of occupancy.

During the design phase, in order to contain our project within budget, the college, architects and general contractor worked cooperatively, as a team, to “value engineer” certain items out of the original plan and agree on a maximum guaranteed price.

The Oversight Committee determined that three of the items identified during the “value engineering” process, should be added back to the project if the budget allows. Those items include, in priority order wood ceiling and wall treatments, a large skylight feature and polished concrete floors treatment. The cost of this package of items to the project, totals approximately $250,000.

In the next three weeks, it is anticipated that decisions on the add-backs will have been made, the erecting of the building’s two-story steel skeleton will have been completed, the final sub-contracts will have been awarded and remaining utilities installation will have been completed.

All those who have worked on this project have been invited to the Campus to sign the “high point beam” prior to its installation. The beam will be located near the project site entrance, where paint pens will be provided for those that wish to sign their names to the beam.

To the extent possible under public bidding requirements and availability of services, supplies and materials, local construction firms and workers in the trades have been employed extensively during the project to date as well as going forward.

The preliminary information about the impact to local construction companies through contract awarding is as follows- with more to be negotiated over the coming weeks:

  • Knife River: $589,828 - Excavation, etc.
  • N. Umpqua Plumbing: $1,460,000 - Plumbing
  • Quality Fence Co. : $13,652 - Fencing
  • IE Engineering: $10,480 - Testing
  • Umpqua Roofing: $255,000 - Roofing
  • Umpqua Roofing: $72,859 - Concrete tile
  • Jeff Ludwick Inc. $305,247 – Exterior Wood Siding
  • Leon Roberson Masonry: $28,500 – Masonry 

Contact: Lee Paterson, Owner’s Representative/Project Coordinator, 541-643-4009