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Top Ways to Help the UCC effort

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Support from the UCC community has been great. Would you like to help? See below:

  1. Listen. Listen to somebody’s personal story and have empathy with how they and their family are impacted.
  2. Direct people to support. We have local, state and national level support available to help students, staff and community. Encourage people to take advantage of it.
  3. Communicate, communicate. Information is being updated regularly by law enforcement, the college and other sources. Be sure you know where to access it, so you can spread the right information.
  4. Donate. Send contributions to the UCCStrong Relief Fund via the Greater Douglas United Way, www.uccstrong.com or UCC Foundation, www.umpqua.edu/scholarships-donations.
  5. Support a UCC Solidarity effort. Wear a UCCStrong or IamUCC shirt and display stickers on your vehicle, home or business.
  6. Donate blood. Call The American Red Cross at 1-800-Red Cross to learn how.
  7. Seek counseling services. Community Health Alliance is offering drop-in counseling services in person or call 1-800-866-9780.